FFA: Future Farmers of America

FFA– Future Farmers of America- provides education, leadership skills to the next generation farmer.  Two years ago we visited their national convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. What a eye opening experience to see the wholesome, clean gathering of young people.  All eager to test drive the latest tractors and share experiences with farm equipment dealers and retailers.  FFA Field view.


Amazingly,  hands-on welding was the longest line.   Boys and equally as many girls all eager to try their hand at welding.  I asked myself a hard question, “Where are the inner city kids?”.  Maybe they didn’t want to come or  maybe no one asked them.  I’m just asking, not judging.

Imagine a neighborhood transformed from urban blight to urban farms. I can.  Empty lots become farm plots. Urban farm coops weed out crime and cultivate hope.

If had it to do over again, I would encourage our kids to join 4-H and FFA. Share this post with your friends and family.  Efarmer® enthusiastically endorses 4-H and FFA.