Daylight Savings

One year, a farmer who lived near the border of two different time zones was confused about when he was supposed to change his clock for daylight saving time. He had heard that the time change happened at 2am, but he wasn’t sure if that was 2am in his time zone or the neighboring one.

To be safe, he decided to wake up at 1:45am and change all the clocks in his house to the new time. He went to bed feeling proud of himself for being so organized.

The next morning, he woke up at his usual time and started getting ready for the day. But when he looked outside, he noticed that none of his neighbors were up yet. He thought this was odd, but assumed they were just sleeping in.

As the morning went on, the farmer began to realize that something was not right. His phone and computer clocks were showing a different time than his wall clocks. He started to panic, thinking that he had somehow messed up the time change.

He quickly got in his truck and drove to his neighbor’s farm to ask for help. When he arrived, he found his neighbor still fast asleep. He knocked on the door and woke him up, explaining his confusion about the time change.

His neighbor just laughed and told him that daylight saving time didn’t start for another week. The farmer had changed all of his clocks a week early and had been living an hour ahead of everyone else without realizing it!

From that day on, the farmer made sure to double-check the dates for daylight saving time before changing his clocks again.

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Author: Terry McDaniel

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